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What is Pandai?

Perhaps a better question is "WHO is Pandai?" Utilizing next generation "Third Wave" artificial intelligence, we are building an advanced AI teacher with an unprecedented array of humanlike abilities. Pandai will be able to perform many tasks that currently only human teachers can do, including:

  • Converse in natural language.
  • Observe and learn the student's strengths & weaknesses, and tailor the instruction to each individual.
  • Assist students with homework, assignments and projects.
  • Assess and analyze the learner's performance, and provide positive feedback and encouragement.

Additionally, Pandai will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accessible through any mobile device, tablet or PC. This will greatly reduce the time students spend in private tuition, and make learning a more personal and enjoyable experience.

Lesson with Pandai

Making Education Available to Everyone

The Brookings Center for Universal Education estimates that 61 million African children will reach adolescence lacking even the most basic literacy and numeracy skills.

One of the goals of Pandai is to make quality education available to every child and adult learner on the planet. Although Internet access is now widely available even in developing countries and remote areas, previous initiatives have not been as successful as hoped, due to the lack of humanlike capabilities in current e-learning and teaching software. This is where Pandai, with her ability to perform an unprecedented range of human level tasks, can make the difference.

Tablet Learning, Ethiopia

Photo courtesy of iCog Labs, Ethiopia


Today’s AI technology is great for performing narrow, specific tasks. But to enable the more generalized, humanlike capabilities of Pandai, we need to move to next generation AI. This means AI that can learn and reason without having to be fed the enormous data sets that today’s machine learning techniques require.

In addition to the new technology we are creating, Pandai will leverage OpenCog, an open source cognitive framework designed by our Scientific Advisor, Dr. Ben Goertzel, and supported by dozens of paid and volunteer developers and AI researchers. In development since 2008, OpenCog is also being used by Hanson Robotics to enable intelligence in Sophia, the famous humanoid robot.


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